Special Links

Here is a special link to the amazing Sci-Fi novel written by our son Roy Keren. The name of the novel is Manipulation. It is a perfect read for young adults, and up to any age for sci-fi psychological fiction.


Aisu Steele is an absolutely normal teenager in his senior year of high school, and though he’s not the most interesting person, it seems the universe is out to get him. Plagued by memory loss and frequent blackouts, Aisu begins to suspect there may be something severely wrong with him. Unfortunately, as he tries to figure out the circumstances behind his missing memories, it is clear that there is more to them than meets the eye. As the mysteries pile up, and reality becomes crueler, Aisu struggles to continue living a normal life. Juggling school, love, and his amnesia, he receives help from his four friends – Midori, Nagare, Alex, and Aki – in a thrilling yet heartwarming tale about teen drama, romance, and life in general…

The lights flicker.

Something isn’t right. Something isn’t right at all. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. This isn’t interesting. This isn't unique. This is droll, repetitive, worthless garbage. You can’t hook a reader like this: you can’t hook shit. What kind of dumbass would read something trite like this? Let’s be honest, did you even read this far or did you skim through it because it’s the same cheesy dross we’ve all seen before. Better yet, did you stop and roll your fucking eyes? No matter, take it with a grain of salt. You’re here, and the book is a couple of clicks away, and then all it takes is two fingers to flip the cover open and start reading. So do, or don’t: doesn’t matter to me.

After all, it all goes on forever.